Compatibility Guide

It is important when selecting absorbents or spill kits to ensure the product you purchase is suitable for the liquids which may be spilled. To help you make the right choice every time follow our simple guide.

Maintenance spill kits & absorbents are ideal for use with most types of liquid found in the workplace and because they are coloured grey they blend into the working environment.

Typical liquids: Fuel oil, diesel, petrol, coolant, cutting fluid, hydraulic fluid, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, MEK, hexane, trichloroethylene, water based fluids etc.

Oil selective spill kits & absorbents repel water they are ideal for use on spills on water, for use on land based spills when it is raining or when you only have oil based liquids in the workplace.

Typical liquids: All derivatives of hydrocarbons including; Fuel oils, petrol, diesel, motor oil, jet fuel, kerosene, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil etc. BUT NOT WATER.

Chemical spill kits & absorbents are ideal for use in laboratories, chemical wash down areas or anywhere that chemicals are stored or used, importantly these are the products to use if you are unsure of what the liquid is.

Typical examples: Caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, water. In fact almost any liquid, making them ideal when you are unsure what the liquid spilled is

Compatibility information for plastic products - the list below represents an extract from the data we hold, if you don’t see a listing for your specific liquid please contact us to discuss, the Material Safety Data Sheet for the liquid is always the best source of this information.


Acetic acid 10%

Ethylene glycol 100%


Aluminium chloride Sat.sol

Ferric Chloride Sat.sol


Aluminium sulphate Sat.sol

Ferric nitrate Sat.sol


Ammonium acetate

Ferric sulphate Sat.sol

Molasses work.con

Ammonium chloride Sat.sol

Formaldehyde 40%

Nickel chloride Sat.sol

Asorbic acid 10%

Formic acid 40%

Nitric acid 25%

Barium carbonate Sat.sol

Formic acid 98 to 10%


Barium hydrocide Sat.sol

Fruit pulps Sol

Orthophosphoric acid 50%

Barium sulphate Sat.sol


Perchloric acid 20%

Boric acid Sat.sol

Glucose Sat.sol

Phosphoric acid up to 25%

Calcium carbonate Sat.sol

Glycerine 100%

Phosphoric acid 25 to 50%

Calcium hypochlorite Sol

Glycerol 100%

Photographic solutions

Calcium sulphate Sat.sol

Hydrochloric acid up to 36%

Sodium acetate Sat.sol

Castor oil Sol

Hydrochloric acid Conc

Sodium bisulphate Sat.sol

Chromic acid Sat.sol

Hydrofluoric acid 40%

Sulphuric acid 10%

Citric acid Sat.sol


Sulphuric acid 50%

Citric acid 10%

Iron (II) chloride Sat.sol

Tannic acid Sol

Citric acid 25%

Iron (II) sulphate Sat.sol

Tartaric acid Sat.sol

Detergents, synthetic

Iron (III) chloride Sat.sol

Vanilla extract

Dextrose Sol

Iron (III) nitrate Sol


Diethylene glycol

Iron (III) sulphate Sat.sol

Wetting agents

Disodium phosphate


Yeast Sol

Emulsions, photographic

Lactic acid 10%


Ethyl alcohol 35%

Lactic acid 28%

Zinc bromide Sat.sol

Ethyl alcohol 100%

Lactic acid up to 100%

Zinc chloride Sat.sol